About Us

Erica Homes, LLC is an established and growing real estate boutique in the Carolinas whose specialties are Short Sales and Foreclosures. It is home for many Professional Realtors whose mission is to help people find the right property whether for dwelling or investment purposes. There are many reasons why Erica Homes LLC is the perfect place for anyone to buy new properties; one is simply because the company has an inventory of valuable homes and apartments available as well as multiple database access to listings throughout North and South Carolina. The agents are homegrown, which means buyers will always get a local knowledge advantage when seeking the most promising property to fit their needs and budgets.

However, Erica Homes, LLC isn’t only a place for buyers, it is also the best place for those who want to sell their property and obtain the maximum price available with minimum out of pocket expenses. These agents will market their property, find potential buyers, complete the negotiations process and get them to SOLD. Things people can expect from Erica Homes, LLC is professionalism and expertise in fields ranging from banking to insurance and everything in between. These highly dedicated Realtors aim to ensure every client will be served with excellence and have their needs fully accommodated.

Erica Homes, LLC


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